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Bridget Newton for Mayor of Rockville Maryland - Bridget Newton Rockville Mayor Campaign Website


Dear Rockville Neighbor,

Thank you for visiting my web page.  I am running for the office of Mayor of Rockville because I want to lead our City and Council with a vision for the future.  Rockville is a wonderful place to live and work and I am committed to preserving the elements that make our community strong, while shaping our future in a positive way.  I strongly believe that together we can do great things!

town_square_fountain While on this website you can learn a lot about me, the opportunities I see for Rockville, and the ways you can support me in my effort to shape and position our City so that we are the “go-to” community in Montgomery County for living, working and enjoying a balanced life.

Let me tell you what we can do, what I see as opportunities, not challenges.

 We can ensure that all our neighborhoods are served by preeminent City programs, support and services, and offer access to great schools that are less crowded. We can and should ensure that the character of our community is not lost in the chase to grow faster than our infrastructure can sustain.  Learn how we do this

                We can make our streets safer for pedestrians and vehicles to co-exist.  Learn how we do this

We can create a Rockville Pike Plan that enhances the Pike, embraces our desire for mixed uses, and remains a vibrant destination without overshadowing neighborhoods and under serving local shoppers. Learn how we do this

We can and should be different from White Flint and Science City, and we do not have to concede to growth at that density. We can be a special place to live, one that will encourage businesses, big and small, to locate here because of who and what we are, not what we hand out. We can grow our revenues without having to grow our tax base by over development.  Learn how we do both

 mansionZWe can help our Seniors, many of whom have spent their entire lives here, continue to age in place without being forced out by higher fees, taxes and overcrowding.  Learn how we do this

By working with each other, our County, State and surrounding municipalities,