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By Authority of, Dennis F. Cain, Treasurer



Among many other awards, Rockville is nationally recognized as one of the best places to live, work and raise a family.  Maintaining a balanced approach to the challenges our City faces will allow us to convert these challenges to opportunities. I’ve  been an advocate for Rockville for over 25  years, and have worked with stakeholders from every constituency in my efforts to lead Rockville forward.  Now concluding my first term as Mayor, I’m  running again with a vision that embraces:


Continuing to provide and maintain the pre-eminent City services for which The City of Rockville is known, at a cost that does not overly burden the taxpayers.  During the six years I’ve  been in office, we have not raised taxes in Rockville and have weathered a severe financial recession. We’ve  maintained our AAA bond rating and ended last year with near record reserves.   All the while, we have continued to offer Park and Recreation activities that are the envy of our surrounding communities. Our refuse and recycling program is efficient and reliable. Our Public Works staff work around the clock, regardless of weather or

Adopting and revising planning tools like the Master Plan, the Rockville Pike Plan and the APFO that are consistent with a vision that strikes a balance between residential and business interests, respects our wonderful neighborhoods and embraces those development  projects that are going to enhance our community.  You don’t  have to travel far to see what the pressures of development have brought to the Montgomery County landscape, and could bring to Rockville.  When planning for our future, we know we can be bigger,  the challenge is to be better.  

Investing for our future, so that our infrastructure doesn’t fail, and doesn’t overly burden future generations because of our neglect.  Rockville is over 150 years old, and some of the infrastructure you don’t see is showing its age. We need to continue to reinvest in our City to maintain our roads, our bridges, and sewers, just to name a few. At the same time we need to keep our debt service at manageable levels - something I have consistently supported. 

Working together.  Working together means having our citizens involved at all levels of our community.  Working together means working with our businesses that provide the goods, services and jobs our  community needs. It means assisting our nonprofits that deliver aide to the more needy of our community, in a way that is better and more efficient than local government can do. It means working cooperatively with our County and State to coordinate  efforts. (Rockville's Pike Plan is a good example. South of us the Pike is 10 lanes wide - why would we create a plan with 1.9 miles 12 lanes wide in the City?)  Working together means

helping not just our big businesses, but small businesses as well. It means doing what we can to protect our schools from additional overcrowding. (Great schools are the back bone of great neighborhoods and shape our future leaders.)  Working together takes everyone putting aside personal goals and working in the best interests of the whole -  in this case – the City of Rockville. Together we can  continue to do great things.


holidays, to  ensure that our infrastructure is sound and serving your needs, your refuse is picked up and your streets are clear. Our Police Department is the recipient of the highest level of award any Department can achieve. Thanks to our Chief, Rockville was an early adopter of community policing methods. Because of this, our officers enjoy a close relationship with our neighborhoods and are regarded with pride by our citizens. While not under the authority of the City, we work closely with the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, and are supportive of their efforts to provide our community with outstanding services.