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By Authority of, Dennis F. Cain, Treasurer




Together We Can Do Great Things

My sincere thanks to each and every one who has given time, talent and expertise to my  previous  campaigns!   You have helped make a difference ! And though at times public service has its challenges – the rewards are many and representing you has been an honor and a privilege.

  • 34 year Rockville Resident

  • 57 years old

  • BA 1980 Ohio Wesleyan University

  • Married 33 years and have two children


•  Currently serving as your  Mayor

•  Served Two Terms on the Rockville City Council

•  Current Chair of the Legislative Committee of  

    Maryland   Municipal LeagueMML (5 Year Member)  

• Current Board Member of  the Maryland

    Municipal League (MML)

•  Current Board Member Washington Council of  


•  Current Second Vice Chair COG Transportation  

    Planning Board

•  Former District 5 Vice President of  the

    Maryland Municipal League (MML)

•  Former President of the Montgomery County  

  Chapter of  MML

•  Former Liaison to the City’s Planning  

    Commission, Senior Commission, Parks and  

    Recreation Board, Landlord Tenant Affairs

    Commission, Financial Advisory Board,  and

    Rockville Housing Enterprises

•  Former Communications Task Force  


•  Past Multi-term West End Citizens Association  


•  Past President Beall PTA

•  Past Town Center Action Team Chairperson

•  Past WETMAG Committee Member

•  Past Chair of the Compensation Commission



•  Created Weekly Mayors Book Club at Maryvale Elementry for ESOL Students

•  Created and Established the first Rockville Financial Advisory Board

•  Championed efforts for Rockville’s fair share of Tax Duplication Payments

•  Led the effort for a citizen driven Communications Task Force

•  Proposed and championed the establishment of the Youth Commission

•  Consistent champion of protecting our neighborhoods, listening to the

     community and promoting development that enhances the community and its  


•  Proposed and successfully accomplished historic designation for Glenview


• Raised awareness of excessive debt load limit and dependence on debt

• Proposed targeted tax credits for those most in need

• Strong advocate for funding senior services

• Always available to meet with and attend functions on behalf of the City




For those of you who may not be familiar with me  – I offer the following information.